Spreadsheets: You Are Doing It Wrong

Spreadsheets are wonderful tools. However, if you are manually updating spreadsheets each accounting period with the same information (sales numbers by task order, labor hours on projects, etc) and doing it more than once, you are doing it wrong. You are needlessly spending time punching numbers into Excel, instead of spending that time using the data to make better decisions.

SYMPAQ is built on the Microsoft SQL Server database. SQL Server has native support for Excel. It is easy to connect Excel to your SYMPAQ database to automate the updating of spreadsheets with periodic data. In addition, SYMPAQ features the the F9 Financial Reporter, an Excel add-in that gives you very powerful and flexible financial reporting capabilities. It even simplifies preparation of the DCAA's ICE submission schedules.

If you spending any time  punching data into Excel, then stop! Contact us for more information on how SYMPAQ can give you financial data within Excel to enable better decision making, all with much less effort than you are putting forth today when you are maintaining a collection of spreadsheets that you manually update.

Written by G. Chris Brown

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