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DCAA Compliant Software: Solutions Small Businesses Need

Small Business GrowthThe "good" side of winning a government contract is really good, namely in dollars and cents. The "bad" side of being awarded a government contract can be a real headache as well. There is a way, however, to maximize the good and minimize or even alleviate the bad. If you have recently been awarded a government contract, this could be serendipity. If you are a business that often operates as a government contractor, this could be good news.

DCAA Compliant Software Solutions

If there is one overwhelming reason to make an investment in software that is compliant with Defense Contractor Audit Agency guidelines, it may quite simply be the difference between getting and not getting those contracts. This is the same U.S. Government renown for their extensive, triplicate-happy abundance of paperwork and red tape.

So like any organization we want to work with, it will take some adjustment and some compromise on our end and some flexibility too. DCAA compliant software is not only important because it ensures approval of contracts by meeting compliance guidelines like the Standard Form 1408 checklist for example. It also helps with the transitions required to work with government agencies.

Adjusting to Government Practices

The accounting and workflow practices encountered in these awarded contracts might often look as foreign as Swahili, even to experienced accountants. DCAA compliant software helps smooth the learning curve and will fill in some of the blanks for you.

Compromise Could Mean Partnership

Government contracts will be more detailed, they may use unfamiliar terminology and require some translation. Fortunately, the compromise of time and learning needed to understand those complexities is mediated with the right software.

DCAA compliant software like SYMPAQ SQL will enable entry of Contract Line Items, Indirect Rate Structures and Billing Rules without the need for customization. It will likely still take some time to clearly understand the verbiage and processes. This type of compromise of our time, however, is more like an investment that could very well lead to a long-term partnership.

Fortune and Flexibility

If you are new to working with government contracts, you are probably still excited about the potential you have just landed. If you are experienced with government contracts then you already understand that potential and have probably seen substantial growth.

DCAA compliant software should be scalable while able to handle a small staff who was awarded the contract and the company of hundreds who grew because of those contracts. Working with a government contract may also require collaborating with other businesses, especially on larger projects. Having software that is compliant is also important in helping to make those joint efforts seamless and successful.

Simple Smart Fast Effective DCAA Compliant Software

Software that is...

  • Easy to use via a user interface that is simple and straightforward. 
  • Capable enough to accomodate and even assist in defining tasks and terms. 
  • Built on a relational database which equates to faster access and faster response of data. 
  • Effective in meeting the demands of the DCAA.

That is a description of the right kind of DCAA compliant software for your business, for this contract and for those to come.

SYMPAQ Accounting Software

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