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Reduction in Proposal Audits to be Offset in Other Areas

In late 2010, DoD procedures were amended and will likely result in fewer proposal audits. However, this good news comes with a dark cloud. The reduction in proposal audits is likely to be countered by an increase in other DCAA audits. Accounting firm Cherry, Bekaert, & Holland listed a few areas that may come under increased DCAA scrutiny. Two that caught our attention are:

  • Be more aggressive in regard to system and internal control audits.
  • Increase its scrutiny of incurred cost submissions.

SYMPAQ resolves both of these issues. Every transaction in SYMPAQ is logged, posted and available for audit review in one database. Likewise, all the data elements necessary for an ICE submission are contained within SYMPAQ. You won't need to collate data from disparate sources and manually wrangle with complicated spreadsheets to calculate indirect rates that you hope are correct. If you use SYMPAQ, you know the numbers come from a reliable accounting tool that was engineered specifically to produce data for this particular purpose.

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