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June, 07 2024

Should You Factor Your Government Contract Receivables?

Business Tips CEOs & CFOs

Factoring your accounts receivable to a third-party financing company (i.e., factor) will provide near-instant payment on your federal government invoices instead of waiting the typical 30 days or ... Read the Blog

March, 14 2019

For Government Contractors, your HR Manager is a Critical Position

Business Tips CEOs & CFOs

One of the most valuable members of your team is probably not who you think it is. As much as any other individual in your organization, a superior HR manager can help make or break your ... Read the Blog

July, 13 2018

What CEOs and Cash-Strapped Government Contractors Need to Know About Factoring

Business Tips CEOs & CFOs

Factoring plays an important role for government contractors who navigate between the worlds of government and business. SYMPAQ presents all of the things that you may need to know for factoring to ... Read the Blog

June, 29 2018

Who Should Evaluate the Financial System That You Procure?

Business Tips CEOs & CFOs

Looking for a new financial system? Your selection not only affects the long-term success of your company, but also the day-to-day environment of your employees. This post can help you discover who ... Read the Blog

September, 20 2017

Backlogs & Pipelines: How to Distinguish Reality from Fantasy

Forecasting CEOs & CFOs

Backlogs & Pipelines: How to Distinguish Reality from Fantasy Read the Blog

August, 04 2017

Are you going to be hiring a CFO?

Business Tips CEOs & CFOs

Are you going to be hiring a CFO? CEO's who want to demonstrate more control over the incoming CFO should keep these 7 items in mind. Doing so will help your new CFO understand your business goals ... Read the Blog

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