DCAA Approved Accounting Systems

We get a lot of visitors to this web site from the search term "DCAA Approved Accounting System." So I thought this would be a good opportunity to clarify exactly what constitutes a DCAA Approved Accounting System.

The answer is nothing. It doesn't exist. DCAA does not approve accounting systems. When DCAA audits your company, they are auditing policies, procedures, and the implementation of whatever accounting software you may be using. I won't go as far as to say every accounting system can be made to be compliant, either. SYMPAQ has the built in audit trails and reports that a DCAA auditor will be examining, so accounting system acceptability when implemented, is much more likely. However, if you have SYMPAQ properly implemented, but have poorly documented accounting policies and procedures, you can potentially fail your audit. If you have good timekeeping policies, but are using QuickBooks which lacks internal controls, you might just fail your audit.

A DCAA audit is a three-legged stool. Software is only one of the legs, and arguably, the easiest one to get right. You should be very skeptical of any vendor or consultant that says a software package will make you DCAA approved. The DCAA does not work like that.

Written by G. Chris Brown

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