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December, 16 2021

A New Filing Option for Tax Forms is Here!

SYMPAQ Benefits DCAA Accounting Yearli

SYMPAQ is not integrated w/ Yearli - an e-filing cloud program that automates both your Federal & State form filings + automated mailing. Read the Blog

July, 27 2021

Don't let your Labor Charging Policies & Procedures come back to bite you!

Business Tips DCAA Indirect Costs

Contrary to popular belief Government Contractors have some leeway when reducing to writing their own rules with regard to timekeeping. After all, it is the regulations and not guidance that DCAA can ... Read the Blog

May, 24 2021

DCAA Timekeeping Lore

Business Tips DCAA Accounting FAR Compliance

Guidance for labor recording can be found in DCAAM 7641.90 under Labor Charging System. If guidance is written in the DCAA's Information for Contractors manual, then it must be rooted in the ... Read the Blog

January, 20 2021

Indirect Rates with Unallowables Included?

Business Tips DCAA Indirect Costs

Should you be including unallowable expenses in your indirect rate calculations? Read the Blog

October, 23 2020

What is required for a "DCAA Acceptable Accounting System"?

Accounting Software Business Tips DCAA

The long-standing myth of an official, Government-authorized list of DCAA-approved accounting software packages just doesn't seem to want to go away. Learn about the requirements that make an ... Read the Blog

March, 13 2020

Your Internal Controls: Speed Bumps, Guardrails and Stop Signs

Business Tips DCAA Accounting

Internal controls are the speed bumps, guardrails and stop signs when it comes to your financial systems. This post details what this metaphor means and why it's so important, especially if you're ... Read the Blog

August, 01 2019

Inter-company Transactions – Know the FAR and IRS Rules that Govern these Transactions

Business Tips DCAA

A word of advice - be sure you know the rules promulgated by the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) when you are a government contractor that conducts transactions ... Read the Blog

April, 03 2019

DCAA Unallowable and Allowable Costs

Business Tips DCAA

Like any other Federal agency, the DCAA divides and sub-divides their regulations into categories filled with restrictions. One of the areas that draw the most concern from private companies is ... Read the Blog

February, 19 2019

Recent Trends in DoD Government Contracting

Government Contractor DCAA

2018 saw a number of emerging trends in DoD government contracting that are likely to continue into 2019 as the year unfolds. These trends suggest that business will be brisk for many DoD ... Read the Blog

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