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June, 23 2023

Accounting for your Government Sales and Marketing Activities

Business Tips Accounting Budgeting sales

Tracking sales and marketing functions should include using cost accounting data to provide visibility and substantiation for marketing and sales. Read the Blog

February, 22 2022

Getting creative with your G&A Rate

Accounting Software DCAA Accounting Indirect Costs Budgeting

In a previous article, we discussed the concept of Indirect Rates and provided a simple example of a fringe benefit rate calculation. We have found that many of our most successful clients have some ... Read the Blog

October, 30 2018

Your 2019 Budget – Top Down or  Bottom Up?

Business Tips Budgeting

In today’s government contracting environment, development of your organization’s fiscal year budget plan is complex. Whether you’re using a Top Down versus Bottom Up budget method, most contractors ... Read the Blog

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