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May, 24 2021

DCAA Timekeeping Lore

Business Tips DCAA Accounting FAR Compliance

Guidance for labor recording can be found in DCAAM 7641.90 under Labor Charging System. If guidance is written in the DCAA's Information for Contractors manual, then it must be rooted in the ... Read the Blog

March, 13 2020

Your Internal Controls: Speed Bumps, Guardrails and Stop Signs

Business Tips DCAA Accounting

Internal controls are the speed bumps, guardrails and stop signs when it comes to your financial systems. This post details what this metaphor means and why it's so important, especially if you're ... Read the Blog

September, 26 2019

Batch Versus Real-Time Accounting--Which is Right for You?

Government Contractor Business Tips Accounting

In accounting software design, there are two primary methods with respect to how systems should operate: batch-based entry and real-time entry. This article will provide a synopsis of each method and ... Read the Blog

November, 14 2018

How to Deal with Unbilled Receivables and Contract Revenue Calculations

Business Tips Accounting

Government Contractors may have Unbilled A/R for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, auditors view Unbilled A/R with scrutiny and so do lending institutions. Here are some of the most common ... Read the Blog

August, 23 2018

Could your accounting department’s work become the basis of an incorrect executive decision?

DCAA Accounting

Dashboards, Analytics, and Key Performance Indicators can be a major influence in executive decision making. Is your accounting department doing proper review and diligence before the company’s ... Read the Blog

September, 16 2016

DCAA FAR 31.205 Cost Principals Guidebook

DCAA Audits DCAA Accounting

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has recently published a Guidebook designed to better explain 'allowability' of costs in a well organized, 75 chapter document. While there are still a few ... Read the Blog

May, 20 2016

Accounting Treatment for your Government Sales Activities

Business Tips Accounting Budgeting

Accounting Treatment for your Government Sales Activities Read the Blog

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