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Have a Stress Free Tax Form Filing Season (and a Happy New Year)

For the dreaded upcoming tax form filing season that begins in January, you likely will be pleased to know that unlike with the past two tax filing seasons, there are no changes of significance to the layout and filing requirements for 2022 tax forms. Only minor changes have been made to the 1099 NEC and to the 1099 Misc. tax forms. Virtually no changes have been made to the W2 from last year other than the year "2022" is preprinted on the form. So if you don't like form changes from one year to the next, then this is your year. 

The eFiling requirement threshold for 2022 will stay at 250 or more paper forms for this year after much speculation that it would drop to 100 or to even as few as 10 printed forms. Therefore, if you're so inclined, you can stuff envelopes when the total is fewer than 250 and send them by regular mail. as long as the envelope (or package) is postmarked by January 31, 2023. That said, why make things any harder on yourself when you have an easier path to tax form filing? This year, we are offering enhanced integration with Yearli that now includes 1099 totals for Federal and State Tax withholdings. When you eFile, the 1096 cover form is not required. You simply upload your 1099 data (and W2 if you do payroll in-house) from SYMPAQ to Yearli, make edits where needed, and then our forms partner Nelco Solutions will handle your mundane filing chores with the IRS and your State taxing authorities (where applicable) and will even mail the paper recipient copies to your vendors and employees. And they'll do this at a competitive cost to what you can do it for when compared to adding your labor costs and purchasing the paper forms, envelopes and postage. 

Check out our recent webinar recording in partnership with Nelco Solutions to learn more about this cost-effective method for paperless form filings.

Have a healthy, happy, and safe New Year! 



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