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August, 31 2022

What exactly is “FAR compliant” accounting software?

Accounting Software FAR Compliance

What in the Sam Hill is “FAR compliant” accounting software? Read the Blog

June, 28 2022

Strategic Pricing for your Firm Fixed Price Proposals

FAR Compliance

I was a featured guest at a book launch event that provided me the opportunity to ask the question, How does bidding on a firm fixed price job fundamentally differ from pricing a cost-reimbursable ... Read the Blog

May, 24 2021

DCAA Timekeeping Lore

Business Tips DCAA Accounting FAR Compliance

Guidance for labor recording can be found in DCAAM 7641.90 under Labor Charging System. If guidance is written in the DCAA's Information for Contractors manual, then it must be rooted in the ... Read the Blog

December, 09 2020

SYMPAQ's IRS Compliance for End-of-Year Filings

SYMPAQ Benefits Business Tips FAR Compliance

Learn about the new twist to the Accounts Payable Form 1099: the 1099-NEC, and see why there is more to the compliance equation than an accounting system that just addresses DCAA audit and FAR ... Read the Blog

May, 06 2020

What to Expect When Buying Another Company That Happens to be a Contractor

Government Contractor Business Tips FAR Compliance

Speaking from personal experience, the process of going through with a business acquisition as a seller or a buyer is never easy. An acquisition involving two government contractors can be especially ... Read the Blog

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