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April, 03 2019

DCAA Unallowable and Allowable Costs

Business Tips DCAA

Like any other Federal agency, the DCAA divides and sub-divides their regulations into categories filled with restrictions. One of the areas that draw the most concern from private companies is ... Read the Blog

February, 19 2019

Recent Trends in DoD Government Contracting

Government Contractor DCAA

2018 saw a number of emerging trends in DoD government contracting that are likely to continue into 2019 as the year unfolds. These trends suggest that business will be brisk for many DoD ... Read the Blog

January, 03 2019

9 Things to Know About DCAA

Government Contractor DCAA

Many companies & individuals work in contracting relationships with the federal government and thus must ensure compliance with government procedures & standards. This article highlights the ... Read the Blog

December, 14 2018

Should You Use Forward Pricing Rate Agreements?

Business Tips DCAA

Are forward pricing rate agreements (FPRAs) right for your company? Consider the benefits and challenges before you decide. Read the Blog

November, 29 2018

A Quick Tutorial of the SF 1408

SF 1408 DCAA

Government contractors have a vital need to maintain accurate accounting records. For many contractors, it can be immensely difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory standards. Here's a ... Read the Blog

October, 22 2018

How to be prepared when the DCAA comes a-calling


Government contractors are constantly wanting to remain in full compliance with the Defense Contract Audit Agency's policies and procedures. While an audit is never much fun, it's even more daunting ... Read the Blog

September, 26 2018

Indirect Rate Structures: Do Yours Need to Change?

Business Tips DCAA Indirect Costs

As your company grows and evolves, you may find yourself in need of an indirect rate structure change. Here is some background on defining indirect vs. direct cost structures, as well as tips to help ... Read the Blog

August, 23 2018

Could your accounting department’s work become the basis of an incorrect executive decision?

DCAA Accounting

Dashboards, Analytics, and Key Performance Indicators can be a major influence in executive decision making. Is your accounting department doing proper review and diligence before the company’s ... Read the Blog

October, 03 2011

DCAA Approved Accounting Systems

Accounting Software Business Tips DCAA

We get a lot of visitors to this web site from the search term 'DCAA Approved Accounting System.' So what exactly constitutes a DCAA Approved Accounting System? Find out why the answer to this ... Read the Blog

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