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December, 06 2019

What is a Wrap Rate?

Government Contractor Definitions

In this post, we define what a Wrap Rate is in Government Contracting and provide some real-life examples as to how Wrap Rates are used in the GovCon industry Read the Blog

November, 08 2019

Trust but Verify - Double Check Your ERP/Financial Software Output

Government Contractor Accounting Software Business Tips

Sophisticated and seasoned accounting software users understand the need to verify key calculations generated by their automated accounting software. Those users who do not could eventually end up ... Read the Blog

September, 26 2019

Batch Versus Real-Time Accounting--Which is Right for You?

Government Contractor Business Tips Accounting

In accounting software design, there are two primary methods with respect to how systems should operate: batch-based entry and real-time entry. This article will provide a synopsis of each method and ... Read the Blog

August, 28 2019

GovCons: Are You an Inch Deep and a Mile Wide?

Government Contractor Business Tips Small Government Contractor

Often times, you will see companies in the government contracting space that list a large array of NAICS codes under which they are qualified to perform services or sell products - but could a lack ... Read the Blog

June, 27 2019

Key Financial Indicators -- Your Business's EKG

Government Contractor Business Tips

Is your company financially healthy? Just as an EKG measures your heart's performance, indicating overall health, key financial indicators measure your company's financial well being. Check out these ... Read the Blog

February, 19 2019

Recent Trends in DoD Government Contracting

Government Contractor DCAA

2018 saw a number of emerging trends in DoD government contracting that are likely to continue into 2019 as the year unfolds. These trends suggest that business will be brisk for many DoD ... Read the Blog

January, 03 2019

9 Things to Know About DCAA

Government Contractor DCAA

Many companies & individuals work in contracting relationships with the federal government and thus must ensure compliance with government procedures & standards. This article highlights the ... Read the Blog

July, 24 2018

Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for a New GovCon Accounting System

Government Contractor Business Tips

Shopping for the right system can be a bit daunting at first, but it becomes much simpler when you laser-focus on the systems that can best meet your needs. In order to this, you must first pinpoint ... Read the Blog

June, 19 2018

Hidden Costs of Running Parallel Accounting Systems

Government Contractor Business Tips

Have you ever had to run parallel accounting systems during an accounting system conversion? Learn all about the hidden costs that come with running parallel systems and how SYMPAQ can ensure your ... Read the Blog

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