Project Cost Accounting Software Gets the Job Done

If you are currently winning government contracts or would like to start getting awarded government contracts, project cost accounting software is an indispensable tool in succeeding. Government contracts are often flexibly-priced, cost-reimbursable contracts for example.

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Hiring Tip – Past experience with your brand of accounting software should not be a prerequisite when adding new staff

A frequent request we receive from our clients is for assistance in filling an open accounting position with the requirement that the potential staff member must have significant prior experience with our software brand. After years of being in this business and seeing it first hand, a common misconception among...

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Bid Protest: What is involved and should you go through with it?

If one contractor has secured a government contract, another can still derail the process by filing a formal bid protest, thus resulting in a long delay while the case for the protest gets resolved. When this happens, the competitor alleges that something was amiss in the original selection process and asks for a review...

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DCAA Unallowable and Allowable Costs

Entering into a contract with a government entity presents a range of complex regulations that can be challenging to navigate and may lead to costly penalties. Such is the case when entering into a work agreement with the Department of Defense that leads to heightened scrutiny by the Defense Contract Audit Agency...

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For Government Contractors, your HR Manager is a Critical Position

One of the most valuable members of your team is probably not who you think it is. You might be thinking it is your CEO, CFO, or COO? That could be, but as much as any other individual in your organization, a superior HR manager can help make or break your organization. Here is why this position is so critical to your...

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Recent Trends in DoD Government Contracting

2018 saw a number of emerging trends in contracting with the  Department of Defense (DoD)  that are likely to continue into 2019 as the year unfolds. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 stimulated many of these trends. All of these trends suggest that business will be brisk for many DoD contractors, and that...

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GSA Schedule Pricing Can Impact your Bottom Line

 If you contract with the federal government, you probably know that a GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule contract can open up opportunities and make your business more attractive to federal buyers.

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9 Things to Know About DCAA

Numerous companies, businesses and individuals work in contracting relationships with the federal government. An important part of government contracting is ensuring compliance with government regulations and standards. In particular, contractors with the Department of Defense (DoD) must be DCAA compliant in accordance...

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Should You Use Forward Pricing Rate Agreements?

Are forward pricing rate agreements (FPRAs) right for your company? Consider the benefits and challenges before you decide.

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A Quick Tutorial of the SF 1408

Government contractors have a vital need to maintain accurate accounting records, especially when partaking in certain types of government contracts. For many contractors, though, it can be immensely difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory standards. It's also confusing in terms of recognizing what is...

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