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April, 10 2020

The Benefits of Cloud Hosted Accounting Software

Accounting Software SYMPAQ Benefits

Accounting software systems utilizing the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model have transformed business processes across many industries, including government contracting. With widespread adap[...] Read the Blog

March, 13 2020

Your Internal Controls: Speed Bumps, Guardrails and Stop Signs

Business Tips DCAA Accounting

Internal controls are the speed bumps, guardrails and stop signs when it comes to your financial systems. This post details what this metaphor means and why it's so important, especially if you're dea[...] Read the Blog

February, 12 2020

What is an Indirect Rate?

Government Contractor Business Tips Definitions

For those of you who are new to government contracting, and in particular cost reimbursable government contracting, the jargon can sound as strange as an unfamiliar foreign language. In this post, we [...] Read the Blog

January, 09 2020

Tips for Reducing Audit Costs

DCAA Audits Capability Audits Business Tips

Is your business seeking ways to reduce expenses? Check out a few tips you can use to reduce audit costs and save money. Read the Blog

December, 06 2019

What is a Wrap Rate?

Government Contractor Definitions

In this post, we define what a Wrap Rate is in Government Contracting and provide some real-life examples as to how Wrap Rates are used in the GovCon industry Read the Blog

November, 08 2019

Trust but Verify - Double Check Your ERP/Financial Software Output

Government Contractor Accounting Software Business Tips

Sophisticated and seasoned accounting software users understand the need to verify key calculations generated by their automated accounting software. Those users who do not could eventually end up wis[...] Read the Blog

October, 17 2019

Tips to Get Past the Flashy User Interface: Things to Consider with Project Cost Accounting Software

DCAA Audits Accounting Software Business Tips

Flashy accounting software may be visually appealing, but for government contractors it's far more important that your software be comprehensive and compliant. Learn more about what to look for when s[...] Read the Blog

September, 26 2019

Batch Versus Real-Time Accounting--Which is Right for You?

Government Contractor Business Tips Accounting

In accounting software design, there are two primary methods with respect to how systems should operate: batch-based entry and real-time entry. This article will provide a synopsis of each method and [...] Read the Blog

August, 28 2019

GovCons: Are You an Inch Deep and a Mile Wide?

Government Contractor Business Tips Small Government Contractor

Often times, you will see companies in the government contracting space that list a large array of NAICS codes under which they are qualified to perform services or sell products - but could a lack of[...] Read the Blog

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